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How did you rate the 2016 Malaysian Grand Prix out of ten?

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Very eventful race. Loved the Red Bull battle. Nico on Kimi was nice and nasty with a much deserved yet pointless penalty given the gap he could pull. But lewis going out has practically decided the championship. Not what I wanted. I guess if Lewis can pull some back it could still be on for the last race in Abu Dhabi.

Great win for Dan. Top man. Very happy for him. SHOEY

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Interesting race but it was pretty stagnant in places. Good battle with the Red Bulls. Nice come back from Rosberg. Hamilton drove perfectly so gotta feel sorry for him.

Just a 6 but a strong near a 7 6.
Enjoyed that. Some lovely moves up and down the field. Ricciardo and Verstappen had a great run at each other. Great work by Alonso all afternoon as well.

I was going to give it a 7 but the podium tomfoolery at the end made me laugh so it gets an extra point for an 8.
Excellent race, loved it. An 8 from me. Interest all the way through, with plenty of intrigue to keep you guessing as to how things would pan out. All the podium finishers raced brilliantly, except maybe for Nico's lunge up the inside of Kimi, but he paid the penalty for that. More fool Ferrari for letting that podium slip. Superb from the Bulls, and from McLaren.

The championship is still alive, as long as Lewis wins in Japan. He has a good record there, winning the last two. Interestingly it was Lewis, Nico and Seb on the podium for both 2014 and 2015 Japan GPs.
I love F1, but it was still dull so a 6. GP2 being good shows that it generally isn't the tracks, it's the cars. Hopefully Suzuka will be better, and it's the Bathurst 1000 this weekend. Got my money on Van Gisbergen.
Missed the start as I couldn't find a channel in Belgium to watch it on but I thoroughly enjoyed the last 2/3rds of the race. Gave it a 10 as someone other than a Mercedes driver won - good show.
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