2012 Predictions


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  • Webber, Schumacher and Massa will loose their seats for 2013 - NO YES NO
  • Hamilton will take the championship from Vettel on the last race of the season - NO
  • The BBC will announce they are cancelling all F1 coverage for 2013 after poor viewing figures - NO
  • Hamilton will sack his management team - NO
  • Silverstone will be hot and sunny all weekend - EPIC FAIL
  • HRT will be sold to an Russian billionaire - NO
  • Russian Moscow GP will be announced for 2014 - WELL THERE IS A RUSSIAN GP BUT NOT IN MOSCOW - HALF POINT
  • Valencia and Barcelona will be excluded from the 2013 calendar - YES NO
  • A new South African GP will be announced for 2014 - NO
  • Vettel will get arthritis in his finger - NO
  • Button will get married - NO
  • Sky will win an award for their F1 coverage - YES
  • DiResta will thrash his team mate silencing the critics - NO
  • Kimi will give a one word reply to a long interview question - YES
  • Alonso will continue to praise his fellow drivers and go 'Full Hippy' by the end of the year.. man - I SEE NO DREAD LOCKS
  • Kubica will sign for Ferrari in 2013 - NO
  • The world won't end - YES GLAD THAT ONES CORRECT

Jos the Boss

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Lewis Hamilton will be world champion No
Schumi will win a race No
Rosberg wins a race Yes
8 different drivers win a race Yes:o:1st:
It won't snow in Abu Dhabi Yes
An arguement between Crofty and MB will break out No
Martin and Eddie will have a fight on the grid No
Jake will purposely walk in front of sky sports cameras Yes!
DC will make a totally hilarious comment resulting in me laughing out loud Yes "If they were any closer, they'd be spooning!"
Martin Brundle will tell us somebody is on it Yes!
We will be racing in Silverstone Yes
Comeback for Murray Walker Yes
Lee Mckenzie will get more air time Yes
Ted will be at Mclaren Yes
Team orders prevent Martin interupting Tanja See Germany!
Slyboogy will complain about my awesome weather skills Yes
Team Watermelon GP won't make the grid at Australia No
Rain at 7 races No
Monza will be fantastic It was for me!
Vettel will not show the finger as much Yes
Button will be the best in mixed conditions despite retiring early in the race No, but he did lose a front wing!
I'll will declare how much Brundle was better as leas commentator No!
Mmmmmmm Georgie Yes
More Georgie Yes
HD Georgie Yes
I will go on about Georgie Thompson Yes
DC will start flirting with Georgie Thompson No
Rider will be a fail N/A
I will, watch all 20 races! Yes!
Spa will be phenomonal Yes!
Bharain will be good Yes
Berndt Mylander will be made redundant due to bullet proof reliability Bullet proof, yes, RoGro proof, no!
I will mention F1 cars a bullet proof No
Mercedes will compete at the front Partially!
Sauber will be best of the rest Yes
Lotus will score points! I meant Caterham, so no!
HRT will be last for once Yes
Toro Rosso won't do well Yes
Barrichello will retire He already retired!
The return of the heidfield! No!
And lastly, awkward flirting between DC and Button! But of course!

24/41, just over half!


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  • Felipe Massa will resign in July with "encouragement" from di Montezemelo NO
  • Flavio Briatore will visit Monaco, talk crap and not appear in Korea I THINK HE DID
  • The Bahrain Grand Prix will be cancelled or an absolute nightmare FORCE INDIA?
  • Valencia will be crap EMPHATIC NO
  • Seb Vettel will start on pole a minimum of 8 times SIX
  • Lewis Hamilton will be blamed for a crash involving him. If there are no such events, he will be blamed for a crash he is not involved in. MALDONADO IN VALENCIA
  • Helmut Marko will look like a tool at some point YEP
  • Adrian Sutil will not race in China, at least! YEP
  • Sauber will not be mentioned in any newspaper headline, worldwide! DAMN YOU SERGIO
  • Caterham will outqualify Williams at least once by the end of the season. BAHRAIN!
  • HRT will be, in the words of Sky's finest, "slower than a slow thing" YEP
  • At the Indian Grand Prix in India, the BBC in India will mention India INDIA
  • Jake Humphrey's tweets will get less close to reality as the half-season wears on HE THINKS BT VISION IS A GOOD IDEA
  • Kimi Raikkonen will score a podium! AND THE REST
  • Romain Grosjean will not beat Raikkonen in any race the Finn doesn't retire NO
  • Jarno Trulli will not complete the season WELL, TRUE
  • Helmut Marko will be implicated in Mark Webber's latest "fall of a bike" which keeps him out for half the season SADLY NOT
  • Eddie Jordan will still talk bollocks all year, even if there are fewer people seeing it! HE DID
  • Jenson Button will be implicated in a dandruff based scandal NO
  • Seb Vettel will not have a gearbox problem until the title is won SORT OF
  • Maruissia will be sold again NO


World Champion
Schumacher to grow a beard - That he did, but he obviously had to shave it off.

Heidfeld will return - Naw he didnae.

Schumacher will finish ahead of Rosberg in the standings, all because of his beard - He finished ahead of him in several races, but not because of having a beard :disappointed:

Mercedes to finish 4th in the championship - They wish they did.

Vettel will get a new celebration - He did, three fingers instead of 1 or 2.

Lewis Hamilton will stop wearing those huge diva sunglasses - He didn't and like a diva threw a hissy fit about set-up in Spa, also asked for the skins on his baked potato to be taken off by Edward Scissorhands too.

Massa to return to the podium - "Ees diffico fo sho, but I did return to podium".

Alonso will play his mind games as usual - this time it might be that De La Rosa is the biggest threat on the grid - Aye, he's somehow thinking he's racing Newey when it's Vettel, maybe all the helmet changes are confusing the lad.

HRT will miss at least one winter test - It's a tradition for them.

Some old F1 pensioner will make a controversial statement - Probably, Gethinceri seems to make a lot of them.

Lewis Hamilton will collide with Nico "Britney" Rosberg resulting in two singles coming out "Hit me baby one more time" by Nico "Britney" Rosberg and "oops I didn't do it again" by Lewis Hamilton - Sadly, no. Although it was close to happening at the Bahrain GP when Rosberg was showing Hamilton and Alonso the way. But he forgot one thing: "ALL DA TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE DA SPACE OK?!"

Webber will claim he's number 2 but he's actually number 3 due to Buemi replacing him - Don't know what was going through Red Bull's minds, should have happened.

Jos the Boss will create a new record beating his old one of predicting the weather wrong for all the races - Aye he did, he even had the cheek to alter half of his predictions and scoring system until jez101 and I sorted him out.

Button will be hailed "Mr.Smooth" - When's he not? He's trying to keep a little beard so he can be called "Mr.Rough".

Toro Rosso will be in the bottom half of the midfielders - Indeed, and realised that dropping the Moose and Dinosaur was a bad mistake.

Sauber will have good testing pace - I can't remember.

Williams will be forgotten about - With Maldonado in the team, it was unlikely.

Caterham will bring updates which are worth a second but they won't be really upgrades, it will just be the teams taking stuff off of their cars to give the team a chance after their 1s upgrades fail once again - Not sure if this happened, but I think it did in Spain.

Kimi Raikkonen will wake up in the 2nd half of the season - Well he did kind of, but fell asleep at Brazil only to realise that he could not pass as Gandalf had put a gate in his way on his quest to return to the track.

DRS will ruin races again - Hm...think they got right this year but some overtake if not all still feel wrong.

Button will be overpraised like Di Resta - That indeed did happen.

Nico Rosberg will be anonymous - Anonymous in the second half of the season after Monaco.

Eddie Irvine will return to F1 - He tried to take over HRT and bring the base to Ireland, didn't materialise though.

Toro Rosso will realise that the dude with antlers and fur was the best driver on the grid - They just don't want to admit it.

Bernie will claim the Olympics stole his medal idea finally showing his insanity - Tried to get F1 into the Olympics, if that had happened then I have no doubt that he would have.

Team "Watermelon GP" will dominate the season with Slyboogy as the lead driver, with Evilwhippet as his race engineer (ordering him to ruin Bruno Senna's race) and with Coach as Coach - That we did do, does day dreaming count?

Jaime Alguersuarus will invade the Bahrain track thinking he's back in Jurassic Park due to some dinosaurs on the grid (Barricehllo, De La Rosa, Schumacher & Trulli) - This was going to happen, that was until Barrichello and Trulli departed ways with F1.

And finally:
Buemi will win 5 races and challenge for the championship after replacing Webber after 8 races - No :disappointed:


Champion Elect
Vettel will win the WDC. Correct.

Hamilton will leave Mclaren. You heard it here first, folks...

HRT will have a different lineup than their regular lineup in atleast two races. Wrong?!

Rosberg will be in front of Schumacher. Yes.

Schumacher is going to lose at least two front wings. And he lost a lot more while he was at it :D

Vettel will win the Australian Grand Prix. Wrong

Renault are back at the front. Sort of!

Massa will be better than last year. Yes!!!

Sauber will be mentioned in a newspaper headline. Yes!!!

Di Resta will not give an exciting interview. *yawn*

Button will beat Hamilton for the second year in a row... So wrong

...but Hamilton will get more podiums than Button. Yup

Caterham will outqualify Williams and finish higher than them on merit more than once. I don't think so and I can't be bothered to look it up.

Not too shabby ;)


I thought I had clicked on the 2013 prediction thread and wondered why the **** my post had been deleted, just about to get narky with the mods and then realised my mistake...:embarrassed:


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  • Vettel to win the WDC - Yes
  • McLaren - too little too late - Yes
  • Force India to have an excellent season and finish 5th in the WCC - No
  • Mercedes will continue to finish 4th - Not quite
  • Sutil to be in a race seat come the end of the season - No
  • BBC will be crap - They were ok actually
  • Caterham to score points - No
  • Webber will be crap and will be 'injured' in the last 2 races of the season with Buemi replacing him - No
  • Raikkonen to score a podium - This and more
  • Barrichello get his 20th season - No
  • Incident involving car number 4 will be investigated after the race - FIA controversy - Surprisingly no
  • Schumi to retire with di Resta replacing him - Half right
  • HRT will beat Marussia again - No
  • di Montezemelo may utter "there is no F1 without Ferrari" once or ten times - I can't remember, but probably
  • Rosberg still won't win a race - Of course he would win a race after I said this... :embarrassed:
  • Bahrain will be an excellent race, a bit of tear gas to mix it up - It was ok
  • Williams will reach a new low and will be competing with HRT and Marussia - Well the car was good but the drivers were turd, still no though
  • Finally I predict that I will only watch 50% of the races live... - How ever did I guess this :whistle:
Well I don't think I have a possible career in Tarot reading....
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