2011 Team mates comparison - #9 Ferrari


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Ferrari was another team with a clear number one and number two in 2011.


For a full explanation of the chart, see the previous Force India thread.

Q3 times have been used for the qualifying comparisons in all cases except Turkey, where Q2 times have been used due to Massa failing to set a time in Q3. The overall qualifying comparison excludes the two wet races.

Here also are the actual qualifying and finishing positions:

Alonso (Q)555544234584556355
Alonso (R)467352R12343425324
Massa (Q)8761086345446645667
Massa (R)75611RR655686976R55

Looking back at the end of the year, its easy to forget that Massa's start to the season wasn't actually all that bad - his was the leading Ferrari through the opening stints of both the first two races, and in China he was on course for a podium finish until fading on the hard compound tyre in the late stages. From round four onwards, though, Alonso stamped his authority on this battle, and Massa was only able to truly compete with his team-mate in the chaotic Canadian GP, and in Korea, where Fernando got past through the pit stops after half-distance.

Interestingly, since it has been a point of debate, on average Massa's qualifying was closer to Alonso's than Webber was to Vettel, and Massa also spent more time ahead of Alonso in races this year than Webber did against his team mate.
Not good for Felipe though was it? Wonder if he will try pedalling a bit harder in 2012 in hope of saving his seat for the season after.
I feel sorry for the guy, think Germany 2010 has hit him too hard. He was keeping up with Alonso until that race. Ever since then it's downhill.

After the Chinese Grand Prix his year, I thought he was back to his best.

But he wasn't :disappointed:
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