2011 Average Grid


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By collating positions after qualifying but excluding grid drops (including time deletions such as LH in Monaco), here is the 2011 Average F1 Grid:


Perhaps the most interesting things on there are Petrov beating Schumacher, Senna beating Heidfeld by some distance, and Hamilton beating Webber.
For Rookies i'm mightly impressed with Paul Di Resta and Sergio Perez's qualifying performances. Especially Perez he's hammered Kobayashi outta the park. Real do think that the pair of them will be in one of the top four teams come 2012.

Also impressive stuff from Rosberg, Sutil, Petrov and Senna too.
Have you just done an average? Schumi had some trouble and that would be weighting an avg down. Median would be another option?
Alonso wasn't far off scalping Button, impressive to say he's in a Ferrari. The other standout qualifying drivers are Vettel, Hamilton and Rosberg. Senna vs Petrov is slightly scewed as that Renault was a regular top 10 car at the start of the season, looks like Bruno might just keep his seat next year.
Have you just done an average? Schumi had some trouble and that would be weighting an avg down. Median would be another option?

The only race which Schumacher is really weighed down on is the P24 at the Belgian Grand Prix, which certainly puts him behind Petrov. However, this is largely irrelevant in a battle with Rosberg due to the latter's P23 at the Japanese Grand Prix where he did not set a time.

I am not going to start deleting results where people have an excuse for their abysmal position, or Massa's average would be incalculable.
Interesting to note that Button is 4th despite being poor over one lap

During the second half of the season Button has been much closer to Hamilton in qualifying. He is unlikely to qualify as fast as Hamilton on street circuits but is usually closer on flowing ones.
Did you factor in qualifying mishaps such as Buttons at Spa and Hamilton's at (before the time deletion) Monaco?

Also what about the times that Schumacher and others did not bother setting a time in Q3?

But that's the problem with stats they don't tell the whole story..
Good stats TBY.

I'd like to think that Bruno Senna in 10th when other than his one points score he never finished higher than 12th just obacks up my opinion that you should judge a driver on his race results and not get too excited about what they do on a Saturday.

I will take this oppotunity to say sorry to Nico Rosberg though as I always accuse him of qualifying high up and going backwards but its clear from this thread and the race results thread that this is not the case. On average he qualifies 7th and on average he finishes 7th and he was 7th in the World Championship. No backward or forward. I still don't rate him though.
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