15 years ago today...

Thanks for that, I'll watch it later today :thumbsup:

R.I.P. Ayrton Senna and all the other drivers, marshalls and spectators over the years.
[bg=black]This is the first time the F1 World Championship has gone 15 years without a driver death so I'd like to congratulate those who worked on safety without getting complacent - it could always happen again, Alex Wurz was mighty close a couple of years ago!

This is not all about Senna, great as he was. We must not forget the 2 marshalls that have died since. Nor should we forget Roland Ratzenburger, Riccardo Palleti, Gilles Villenuve, Ronnie Peterson etc.

They all died in sport, and that should never happen! Let us hope that it never happens again.
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