1 week, 1 day and 16 hours


Here be dragons.
We've had "the wedding" and AV voting is almost done and dusted

So what is anyone expecting from the next race in Istanbul Park?

To me it seems almost like a new beginning - 3 races in and we might have moved on.

Will RBR still have the ascendency; are McLaren on a mission or will Ferrari be as good as they think after their upgrades?

Will Di resta shine, where will Petrov be, and Perez?

And so much yet to be learned from the tyres, KERS and DRS.

Let's get excited - we're back to motoring in its extremist form.
I don't doubt we'll see a patented Heidfeld fight back. His return after his Chinese misfortunes will be ferocious, clynical and unstoppable. I fear for some people, as they may qualify ahead of him and this could see them destroyed. It's a special kind of pity I reserve for these people.

Just behind him the Red Bull's and Ferrari's will be hungry to get ahead of Hamilton after he won in such style. I'll be interested to see how Button responds too. I expect Red Bull to be fastest again but China proved that isn't the be all and end all. Brrrring it ooownn!!
I'm fairly sure Red Bull will still hold a significant advantage over the rest of the field, especially when it comes to qualifying.

It was a combination of factors which allowed Lewis to win at China.
If Red Bull had put Seb on 3 stops then he would have comfortably won it.

I'm still convinced it will be a case of the rest of the teams scrapping to be best of the rest.
I'm hopeful that we will see a resurgence of McLaren and Ferrari.

The predominance of any one team is always disappointing (for me) - not taking anything away from the engineers, they do an incredible job - but would like this season to actually be an excellence of driving ability and mastery of all things "artificial".
Wicked track. Should be lots of overtaking opportunity, not just where the Flappy Wing zone happens to be. Pray for three or four teams scrapping at the front and mid field action, too. Just hope the TV producer/director/camera peeps can keep up with it.
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