1. Olivier

    Top 10 drivers of the season

    Team principals have votes for the top 10 drivers of 2015 and the results have been posted by Autosport. To nobody's surprise Hamilton is the top driver and Vettel, 1st runner-up. The complete list is below. 2015 AUTOSPORT TEAM PRINCIPALS' TOP 10 1 Lewis Hamilton (229pts) 2 Sebastian Vettel...
  2. olegg

    Poll 2015 Austin Race start and first turn

    Many people talk about "bad Hamilton's move" in the first turn Austin GP. Rosberg also publicly blames Hamilton. I think that Hamilton didn't break the rules What do you think about this episode? and view from Hamilton and Rosberg onboard:
  3. cider_and_toast

    Grand Prix 2015 Italian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

    Catch it while you can folks otherwise you could be watching the last but one Italian GP from the Monza circuit. Bernie will be sitting down with the GP organisors after the race to discuss a new contract post 2016 and at the moment has said he is not sure if there will be a race here in 2017...
  4. FB

    Le Mans Le Mans 2015

    Next weekend sees the 83rd running of the most famous motor race in the world. This year LMP1 has 14 entries, works teams from Audi, Porsche, Toyota and Nissan and Rebellion Racing and Team ByKolles also preparing cars for the senior category. All the runners in LMP1 will be on Michelin tyres...
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