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Discussion in 'Drivers' started by RasputinLives, Feb 19, 2019.

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    Who is George Russell asked Titch - well he's is 21 year old from Norfolk who the latest Brit on the F1 grid. For once I can actually say I've watched this kid all the way up the ladder.

    I first saw Russell in BRDC F4 (thank you ITV4) and he stood out then because in a field full of kids putting everything on the line for a win he was the only one who had the brain to think about the championship race and realise getting a decent haul of points was sometimes more important than chucking it in do or die style for the win. Low and behold he won the title. I next see him in European F3 in a field containing Felix Rosenqvist, Antonio Giovanazzi and Charles LeClerc. He was mostly midfield that year but spent a lot of time wheel banging with LeClerc. Word in the paddock is the two really don't like each other much. Shortly after that he got the ART seat in GP3 and pretty much walked his way to the title.

    Which brings us to last year in F2. I'll be honest as much as I rated Russell I thought he was going to be crushed by Lando Norris - he wasn't. Once again he used his tactical brain to consistently get results and dominate the championship. It was very impressive considering the strength of the field. So Russell comes into F1 with back to back titles in GP3 and F2. The only other person to do that is his mate Charles LeClerc. So Russell is a very deserved addition to the grid.

    With all the good stuff out the way it's time to focus on the bad news for Russell. As much as he is probably ecstatic to be in F1 his head is probably dropping at the fact that the team he has signed for have some serious problems. Williams have already missed two days of testing and the car is rumoured to be even slower than last years. So it could be a season of being at the back for George which is all good as long as he beats his team mate right? Well unfortunately this is not a good situation for Russell either as his team mate is Robert Kubica. If Russell beats him it'll be put down to the fact that Bobby is not the same driver after his injuries. If he gets beat by him people will ask why he couldn't beat a veteran who suffered almost career ending injuries. It really is a no win situation.

    Russell's saving factor might be the fact he is a Merc junior driver. He has to hope that he has a good enough season to make people forget Ocon is on the sidelines. That paired with Bottas having an awful year could see Mercedes decide to take a chance on him in the A team. Personally I don't think Mercedes would ever run two Brits in their car so it might be the best he can hope for is a Racing Point seat becoming open.

    So any thoughts on Russell?
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  3. Il_leone

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    Of the three F2 graduates ( 2.5 Brits) in my opinion Russell has got the short straw with Williams situation at the moment. The most important thing for him to set realistic targets which appears to be beat Kubica at the moment

    We will find out just how slow the Williams is tomorrow. As for wanting the Mercedes drive.. he should be put that to the back of his mind for now and make sure he gets enough miles in an F1 car
  4. gethinceri

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    He'll be fine when Williams tanks, goes close to bankruptcy then gets bought by Toto Wolfffff.
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  5. Titch

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    Well Russell’s story just shows exactly what is wrong with F1.
    Having worked hard, done well and arrived at the top , ie F1, you find it’s not an equal playing field. The discrepancies between the teams is a bit like the difference between carting up to F2 and everything in between. How can Liberty not look at that scenario and realise how wrong it is?
    If F1 teams were equally matched so F1 young drivers could really do battle with each other and the current top drivers, think how exciting it would be.
    Sadly we can only dream.
  6. RasputinLives

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    Apparently Russell couldn't see the lights at the start in Bahrain and was forced to look for the in the reflection in the paddock club window!
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  7. Il_leone

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    Russell is due to test for Mercedes at Bahrain

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