Dan Gurney 1931-2018

Discussion in 'Formula One Discussion' started by Olivier, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Olivier

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    The great Dan Gurney has died. A virtuoso, versatile, irrefrenable and kind driver died from complication of pneumonia. Always a great admirer of him and his All American Racers team. Always the underdog, took the Eagle Westlake, one of the most beautiful f1 cars ever to the top of the podium as a privateer. In addition to his own team, he also Gave Porsche and Brabham their maiden victories in a championship race (Porsche's only victory in f1). After f1 he took on different categories with different level of success but with unstoppable enthusiasm. Many already know this anecdote but I wrote to him asking him about a photograph of him and Jim Clark and not only he replied to me but also sent me an autograph. I know for fact that this is something he used to do often and not a random act of kindness. Rest in peace Dan The Man, The Motorsport world feels a little less brilliant after his passing ...
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  3. siffert_fan

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    A sad day for those who love motor racing, for Dan epitomised all that was best in it. A class individual whose versatility still inspires awe. His speed was such that Jim Clark once said that Gurney was the only driver he feared.

    RIP Dan. My heartfelt sympathy to his wife Evi, his entire family, and to everyone at AAR.
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  4. Lewywo4

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    A very sad day in motor sports today, due to the loss of Dan Gurney. He could win, and compete at the sharp end in any class of the sport that he entered in. Whether that being F1, Indy cars, Sports cars, Can Am, Trans Am, Stock cars, and even I think a huge Ford Galaxy in the BTTC, he could do it all. Let's not forget that Dan started a tradition in the motor sports world that still exists today. The spraying of champagne on the podium finishers, and everyone else near in the immediate area.

    Dan while attending the funeral of Jim Clark, had received the ultimate complement. When Jim Clark's father told him that, Dan was the only driver that he feared......That comment coming from the Jim Clark was really something.

    R.I.P Dan.
  5. siffert_fan

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    Dan the Man in the Eagle Weslake he created (IMO the most beautiful F1 car of all time). Notice the steely-eyed concentration!

    Thanks for the memories, Dan.
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  6. Titch

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    What a car.

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