Who am I XIV?

If only FnF - maybe services to Mars Bars :snigger: Back to the quiz, good guesses but not Muddly or John Whatswrong.

Clue 2 - I was criticised in my home country when I became a tax exile and moved to Switzerland.
Now your just being bitchy Bro so you're not allowed another guess until I post the next clue :razz: Anyway, Lewis got an MBE :razz:
It's not John Surtees is it? I seem to remember reading somewhere that he lived in Switzerland. Maybe it was during his time at Ferrari??
Surtees may well have lived in Switzerland but that's not who I have in mind C_A_T.

Could it be Damon Hill, I know he' s OBE, I know it could be motor sport, but Switzerland doesn't ring bells...
Just to keep things moving along, here's clue 3 - Although a European I am of Armenian descent.
Not Nigel.

Clue 4 - Denis Jenkinson said of this driver "a very warm and uncomplicated man who doesn't rely on passion or inspiration. Nor does he indulge in showmanship or bullsh#t. He is capable of a level of mental discipline beyond the comprehension of most people"
I've just had a thought. It's not Michael Schumacher is it?

I noticed with one of the clues you said European with Armenian decent instead of British with armenian decent. I know Schuey lives in Switzerland and honours from the queen aren't restricted to British citizens all though they are honoury abroad.
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