Current Whitmarsh retires as FOTA Chairman


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So the end of what is the traditional 12 month cycle is here, with Martin Whitmarsh stepping down in his role as the Chairman of the Formula One Team Association.

Italy's Autosprint magazine claims that the new chairman will be Adam Parr, chairman of the Williams team. The vice chair position will also be changing hands with Toro Rosso’s Franz Tost reportedly to succeed Whitmarsh’s current deputy Stefano Domenicali. Ross Brawn and Christian Horner head FOTA’s technical and sporting arms respectively.

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The roles are one year appointments.The curent incumbent can be relected but the intial appointment is for one year.

1.Chairman and Vice Chairman
The Chairman (or in his absence the Vice Chairman) presides the Executive Committee and the Members General Meeting. He is responsible for implementing their decisions and for supervising the work of the Secretary General.

Chairman and Vice Chairman bind FOTA with their joint signature.

Chairman and Vice Chairman are appointed for one year ... ing-bodies
Hopefully that frees up Martin Whitmarsh to become a little more opinionated...

Not a criticism of Martin at all, i think he held the position with great integrity and impartiality.
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