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It's pretty obvious where certain members affiliations are but I'm interested in a brutally honest assessment from CTA of the optimal team to win both titles in 2014 and since the inception of the F1 championship:

2014 - has to be in F1 right now therefore Brawn and Dominicalli are excluded:
-What car (actual model): e.g McLaren Mercedes not McLaren Ferrari
-Team principal (or modern fangled management team)
- Which two drivers
- personnel (optional)

Since start of F1, combination of then until now:
-What car (actual model): e.g FW14b
-Team principal (or modern fangled management team)
- Which two drivers
- personnel (optional)

Feel free to put reasons behind your choices.
Also debate each other's choices but the rule is, you have to have posted your choice before commenting on others.
Wolff/John Booth
Hamilton Bottas
Rob Smedley & Jock Clear. Race engineers. Newey Aero design,

Possibly the best line up, there are quicker drivers for the number two slot but if you want a consistent driver who will get the job done professionally I don't think anyone can beat Bottas as a partner for Hamilton. Booth is there for obvious reasons as you can trust a Yorkshireman to say what he thinks not erm Yeah but No but yeah.

All time
The already mentioned Williams FW14B
Frank Williams & Ross Brawn
Senna & Moss
Colin Chapman & Adrian Newey Engineering/Design

I don't think any explanation is needed for the above line up!

Niki Lauda, Helmut Marko
Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button
Adrian Newey

All time

Red Bull RB7
Colin Chapman, Jean Todt
Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark
Gordon Murray
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