Welcome to the 21st century, Premier League

I never understood why they waited so long. It wasn't as if UEFA or FIFA could have done anything to stop it. As long as it was only used for games under the complete control of the Premier League, (so obviously not for cup games etc) then it wouldn't have been a problem. In fact it would have blazed a trail that I'm sure others would have followed sooner.

There was a guy a few years back who came up with an even cheaper and much easier solution which was to slope the ground behind the goal line gently downwards so that any ball that bounced down onto it was thrown away from the goal line and not back towards it. It would have solved 99 percent of all "did ball cross goal line" incidents in one simple move. Of course his suggestion was roundly ignored by all concerned because lets face it, the main reason that no one wanted to see any of this introduced is because the controversy generated yards of publicity and headlines which as they say, is a case of any press is good press.
Won't be long till they have advertising on the hawkeye replays too. It's a good move, any regular rugby league watchers will agree that the tension on whether a team have a scored or not adds to the game.
F1Yorkshire - Sorry, the tension won't be replicated. FIFA have banned anything unnecessarily entertaining the chip telling the crowd, and forced it to tell the ref in a one-second window.

Because, you see, the flow of the match in football is sacrosanct, and we couldn't have the game interrupted for 30 seconds by video refs. Instead, the game being interrupted for 2 minutes while players abuse officials and random passers by, or when the sub goalkeeper is warming up or something would be preferred.

And of course, this time is not added on at the end because the bastards have never heard of a stop-clock, so lucky Stoke season ticket holders can expect to see 50 minutes with the ball in play and up to 40 of people walking around, rubbing a ball with a towel, protesting a booking for hacking someone's leg off etc. etc.
teabagyokel thats a bit of an anti-climax. Hawkeye decisions work great in Tennis and Cricket for the same reasons. The FA have missed a trick with that one.
Don't understand why just the Premier League are getting it. In the Championship they have been loads of mistakes from referee's on whether the ball has gone in the net. In the lower leagues we need it just as much to decide between who goes up and who goes down.
You have point there Hamster.

They usually test stuff like this in lower leagues, formula's or matches. Not straight into the deep end, as it's more likely to cause controversy as it needs several tweaks.
I knew a girl who was lower leagues and she needed several tweaks... I don't want to cause controversy, but it was advisable not to go straight into the deep end then either... :no:
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