Webber and Bana teaming for Bathhurst 2015

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I've always admired celebrities who use their fame and fortune to fuel their inner 'boy,' and Mark Webber certainly fits that description. Webber tweeted he and Ozzie action movie star (and fellow Porschephile) Eric Bana are teaming up for the 2015 12 hours of Bathurst. Which should be quite the show.

If you've not seen his 'documentary,' Love the Beast, (a film only a motorhead could love), Bana is cut from the same cloth as Webber. First he hires 3000 hours of race prep on the first car he ever owned, a 1974 Ford Falcon, so he can run it at Targa Tasmania. Then he promptly wads it on a rally stage and completely rips off the front clip. Then the film grossed $777,000 Aus, which should just cover the cost of the 3000 hours of race prep, with enough left over to cover his entry fee to the Targa.

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