Weather in Montreal

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I'm sure the Canada GP preview will pop up shortly but I just thought I'd share the 10 day forecast:

Friday - Cloudy, 20% chance of rain
Saturday - Isolated thunder storms, 30% chance of rain
Sunday - Thundery showers, 40% chance of rain

Changeable weather, Button time? Anyone want to revise their predictions?
Galahad said:
FB said:
I'm sure the Canada GP preview will pop up shortly

I'd just written it when the server went down. Am currently writing it all again... :mad:
Apologies G :embarrassed:

We're migrating to a new server tonight as the OS on this one is corrupt.
In the meantime I suggest everyone copies and pastes any text to Notepad before they press "Submit" just in case.

Also, if you press back on your browser, it should still be in the cache?
Burning all those dolphins in my back garden seems to be paying off, global warming should be good for something I suppose. The important question of course is will it be nice weather for rounders in the park at the end of my road on Saturday?

The weather seems to be exceedingly odd at races so far this season, I mean, no rain in Malaysia at a time when it must rain pretty much every day, and it had a damn good go at being wet in Turkey which must be one of the portents of the apocalypse.

Anyway, I quite enjoy Canada in the dry, watching the cars at full tilt in the first sector and especially the last chicane is great.
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