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Or Swiss. Because it's the most neutral, the records are made of gold and Switzerland is where all the gold goes anyway and because it means there are only four or five languages to learn for any would-be aliens.

Plus, they make cheeses that's full or black holes, which is kind of symbolic.

Whichever way you look at it you cannot almost not fail to refuse to not appreciate my logic.


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I wonder what the full information will show about the edges of our solar system and interstellar space. A gradual change from our systems gravitational pull, or an abrupt change. And will voyager be able to tell us much about interstellar space.


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One of my mostest favouritest things about Voyager is this, it really puts everything in perspective and makes me have a little cry every time.


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More information from the Voyagers and the edge of the solar bubble.

"We show with Voyager 2 - and previously with Voyager 1 - that there's a distinct boundary out there. It's just astonishing how fluids, including plasmas, form boundaries."
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