Turbo engines deals expensive


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Apparently these are the rumoured costs for next year's turbos

Renault - €23m a year
Mercedes €18m a year
Ferrari - €15m a year

Now there could be rumblings amongst the smaller teams over the cost only the main teams can afford the cost or in some case will get them free

Interesting note says Toro Rosso has to pay for Renault engines even though they are being switched to them by Red Bull corporation in line with works team

I find this odd that the sister company is going to fork out more for the same engine !

Williams and Lotus do not have engine deals for 2014 and surely not happy about the cost

I don't understand how Renault expect teams to pay that much for an engine and given more teams you would have thought the cost would have come down as per economies of scale
Somehow I can't see a Ferrari engine in the back of a Lotus or Williams. Too much history between the historic teams. Honda would be a more likely engine for them. I can see both teams struggling next year with the extra costs.
Will each engine Manufacturer have to supply at least two teams? I seem to remember reading that somewhere.

If it is true then I bet there will be a fight over who gets the second Honda deal. Williams perhaps, that certainly would bring back memories much like the McLaren partnership has.

I would imagine Force India carry on with Mercedes, Sauber are likely to go for Ferrari seeing as they have always been closely interlinked, Marrusia are looking at Ferrari according to Pat Symonds. Caterham and Lotus are the big question marks. I wonder if Caterham will be dumped so that Renault can pick up Toro Rosso. Lotus and Renault alike would be fools to switch, the partnership works great, it's only the price that is a stumbling block.
Mephistopheles I'm not sure either. The best information I could find with a quick search is the quote below from Renault in this autosport article.

"But the rough figures today are, and you know it depends on the team and marketing rights, that a season costs 15 million Euro. That is 10 million Euro for a conventional engine, and 5 million Euro for KERS and support.
"The cost of a season in 2014 will be more in the vicinity of 20 million Euro in total, rather than 15 million Euro. These are the rough figures. This is what I am communicating with the potential partners."
I don't know, I think these numbers are a lot of rumour and speculation at the minute and in particular it might be that the prices quoted include different services. I saw somewhere that the Mercedes price is for a 'basic' package, for example, I have no idea what that means though.
I would expect the new engines to start off more expensive anyway, especially with the research required on ERS etc, and the other suppliers costs are not official as yet. There are also no guarantees over the quality of the 2014 engines, so whichever way you slice it, there is an element of "Punt" about it.
Force India will probably run Mercedes apparently getting Sutil back was something Mercedes had a hand in rather than them taking Bianchi with possible Ferrari engines

Both Lotus and Williams would want to continue with Renault if they don;t get a Mercedes engine but neither have buckets full of cash like Red Bull

Even Mclaren might find the asking price for Mercedes engines a bit steep
I've always been a bit uncertain as to what is covered by "engine" deals. Does the price include all rebuilds during the season. Is the gearbox considered part of the deal as well ( I would imagine so, or there might well be compatibility issues)?
I remember when BAR thought they had an exclusive engine deal with Honda who decided to supply Jordan as well. It was discovered then that BAR's exclusivity covered only with assistance in designing the chassis

Mclaren will stick with Mercedes for 2014 - they will never use Ferrari engines and the cost will be paid out from Telmex if it is true they are the sponsors no doubt but it is a lot of money

With Honda I am sure Mclaren will get the engines free and allow Honda more access to their chassis design and make sure they are de facto No 1 to get preference over possible other teams like Williams and Lotus
Toro Rosso to Renault confirmed

The interesting thing is Lotus are considering Ferrari or Mercedes engines

Williams are switching to Mercedes as well and I see possibly a German driver that may come into it
The Mercedes link to Williams is obviously linked to the Wolff connection. When "fastest woman in the world" Susie was racing in DTM which team was it for?
F1Yorkshire Crikey I forgot about Toto's missus I was thinking more on the lines getting someone like Sutil or Di Resta to move into that team or Sam Bird possibly

Yeah Toto might try that as Mercedes' pledge to develop their drivers into F1.. sly trick if you ask me

Only problem I see it means Bottas is out because I don;t see Williams not wanting the sponsors money that Maldonado might bring
The Pits
I remember that was mentioned unless Pastor will make way for another driver....

What odds on the irony if Hulkenberg returns to Williams replacing Maldonado because Mercedes want a German driver
Here's a prediction for you - Hulkenberg to Lotus for 2014! Either to replace Kimi if he goes to Red Bull or Grosjean if he doesn't have a good year. Bookmark this one folks so you can ridicule/admire me in ~eight months time! I don't think he should join Williams, he has nothing to gain by going back there based on where they are at the moment.

So, engines. I'm not sure there's anything in the engine supplier/driver link to be honest. Has there ever been an engine deal that was conditional on a certain driver being in the team?
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