The ultimate "get away from it all" holiday

I saw this. They are in a ´spacecraft´ housed in an indistrial unit. Their craft appears to be little more than a cylindrical caravan and about the same size. Far less room than was available to the unfortunate Chilean miners. Luckily, they have lovely processed ´space food´ to keep their spirits up. Not much fun, all told.
Don't know if anyone else saw this but the Russians have kept 6 Cosmonauts in isolation for the last 8 months to simulate travelling to Mars. Hope they all got along well as, if I recall correctly, having pretended to land on Mars they now have to spend another 8 months together pretending to come back.

I wonder how long these Cosmonauts have to pretend to be in quarantine when they get back? :thinking:
Wouldn't want any Chernobyl radiation mutated viruses, er, I mean "Martian" diseases getting into the Human population here on Earth, now would we..!? :sick:

Russian and American versions. They are both ...'nauts - just depends on which country is talking.
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