The sun has gone blank

Bill Boddy

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For the second time this June the sun has had a day with no spots or signs of activity. We are approacing the nadir of the eleven year cycle of activity which the sun goes through. This may (or may not) be connected to mini ice ages which have occurred in similar conditions. One way of fixing global warming I suppose but a very uncomfortable one.

'The sun goes blank again during the weakest solar cycle in more than a century'
Well I'm having a cool and wet summer, on top of everything else, it's thoroughly miserable.
I had a manager who moaned about the loss of real English cool, damp summers. I guess that you can't please everyone.

I'm gong to miss the scare stories about Armageddon is about to happen because of flares from the sun.
Actually, Armageddon is linked to Brexit. Pencilled in for the autumn...
You know, once the new PM has been decided by the Tory party and he/she has summoned up enough misery to push the exit button. Britain leaves the EU and then Armageddon happens.
That's what they said, wasn't it? Pfft. You want Armageddon? Forget the Sun. I mean, the actual Sun. Here in Britain we have our own Sun, but until now it's been mainly used to piss off Scousers and other undesirables.
Right now, the world trembles at the Brexit inspired Armageddon! Once our Sun has reported that the Tory unelected PM has pushed the exit button, THE WORLD WILL END!!!!!

Or have I misunderstood something? :thinking:
Oh Yes. Unfortunately it will give the sun enough ammunition for trash for a full year.
sun with a small s
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Maybe the Sun will gradually stop having sunspot cycles as it gets older, a bit like a spotty teenager growing out of the spotty phase. Mind I wouldn't think it would herald anything good if the Sun does the same thing.
That's Sun with a capital S.
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