The Four Year Plan


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This Sunday at 10:50pm BBC2 are screening a documentary about Flavio Briatore's turbulent period at the helm of Queens Park Rangers Football Club.

If you want an insight into Flav's unique management style (phoning the manager on the touchline during matches; ordering the substitution of certain players; getting through nine different managers in 22 months) then this is apparently quite an eye-opener.
I saw this, great stuff

Flabio in the stands with a couple of cronies watching training 'he is really shit, where is that helicopter anyway, ah he scored'
It was like watching the Godfather.

The film crew were allowed complete freedom, to go where they wanted. A lot of the discussion is in Italian...but there are subtitles.
Briatore shouted in english, at some fans outside the Loftus Road ground, " tell them to stop booing me or i'll sell the club"
Bernie doesn't feature much in the programme.
I finally saw it myself last night. Some amusing moments but I was a bit disappointed overall.

When Flav was at Renault/Benetton, his lieutenants (Symonds, Bell) always made great play of the fact that Flav left them to their own devices - he knew nothing about engineering and was very willing to admit it. Evidently this ignorance didn't (in his mind) extend to the intricacies of football management.

Does anybody know why they bought QPR in the first place? Bernie in particular does not lack for things to do at weekends.
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