The end of blurred photos with the Lytro Light Field Camera

A great innovation but to me it serves little or no purpose. I just pick the point of focus I want with my DSLR and get the picture I want anyway?

I can see this appealing to the masses and lazy photographers who constantly make piss poor photographs and need to salvage any sense from them each time, or perhaps the odd semi/professional photographer who fancies something novel in their kitbag.
And I thought 3D camera's where a bit high-tech when I walked into Curry's for my job interview!

They didn't reply to my telegram...

And this could be a huge invention, however there's alot more things cameras should be able to do, rather than getting rid of blury images
This is the same stuff we have ridiculed in prime-time fantastical TV and Hollywood.

We've all scoffed when they've miraculously cleaned up a blurred image from a CCTV camera in a film.
It's a bit freaky that it's now perfectly possible...
Great idea, incredibly badly implemented.

This thing looks terrible to hold, the screen is microscopic and the refocus only works for extreme situations and only whilst on the camera not after import. Low light photos are terrible, Oh yes and the resolution is worse than a webcam.

What a shame.

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