The best job in the world ?

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Alonso gets an 'official fan': :twisted:
While F1 fans in Britain will no doubt be aware that 30-year-old Lee McQueen last night heard Sir Alan Sugar says those magical word 'you're hired' in the final edition of The Apprentice, they might not be aware that in Spain a 23-your-old race fan has landed his very own dream job.

Álvaro Ademà has been appointed Fernando Alonso's 'official supporter'.

The youngster, who previously enjoyed F1 as a hobby, providing pictures from various Spanish tests for local websites, is to travel with Alonso to very Grand Prix for the remainder of the season, earning 3000 euros a month in the process.

Álvaro, was one of 36,000 race fans who applied for the job, the brainchild of Renault sponsor ING.

As part of his duties, Álvaro will record details of his travels on a special blog
Not a bad 'job' for a young guy - travelling the world and getting access to people and areas only the very rich, famous or well-connected usually have access to.

As for best job in the world? Not sure about that.
I think Hugh Heffner might have that licked.... :snigger: ;)
Well, what a b*****, if I'd known I would have applied.

An exceptional driver, much maligned by the press and others (!) and quite a looker too, if a little short - if only 30 odd years younger.
Fernando Alonso has an official fan now lol

Did ING try and find an official fan for Nelsinho Piquet too?

Come on Fernando... most popular sportsmen have an official fan club! Don't stop at one, expand a bit...
Fan CLUBS are so vulgar and passe - FA has much more class and prefers things on a one to one basis. Better the complete adoration of one, than the iffiness of many.
Well, he's probably got a fan club as well... Ron Dennis's membership was surprisingly cancelled sometime last year!

It seems the entire nation of Spain is in the Alonso fan club! I don't think his ex-team mate Mr. Hamilton can say the same about Great Britain! (or for that matter any British sportsman)

And as Alonso's official fan - surely he's a couple of seasons too late for the party 8)
Hey Penske 666, I think you've hit the nail on the head as to why he has to pay his fans...

From now on, Ron Dennis is only going to employ Anglo-Finnish drivers... that's his comfort zone!
Can you speak Spanish, because Fernando's English isn't so good...

Apparently "I back the team 100%" comes out as "Ron hates me" for some reason...
Re: The Fernandoist in the world ?

I wonder if this'll catch on? I think James Allen might be payed to be Lewis Hamilton's No. 1 fan...

(I know I sound a little 606 there so I apologise for that)
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