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F1 is awash with acronyms so here's a few to test you and find out if you have been listening. What is the acronym in bold?

1. Cosworth DFV

Double Four Valve

2. Before the FIA there was the CSI

Commission Sportive Internationale de la FIA

3. Brabham cars were designated BT xx

Brabham Tauranac - the team founders

4. Tyrrell proudly carried the ELF name as sponsor for many years

Essence Lubrificant France

5. The Lotus badge includes the initial ACBC

Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman

6. Ligier used to reference their cars JS

Jo Schlesser - Guy Ligier named the cars after his friend who died in 1968

7. Aston Martin designate all their cars, including racing cars, DB

David Brown - owner from 1947 to 1972

8. Official F1 Partner DHL spend millions on having their brand plastered all over cars and circuits

Named after founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn

9. TAG are long term partners at McLaren after Ron wooed them away from Frank Williams

Techniques D'avant Garde

10. McLaren carry the SAP logo on their cars. I'm sure anyone who has worked on SAP installations will have their own humorous version but what does SAP actually stand for?

Systems, Applications and Products (in data processing)
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DFV - Double Fast Vroom - wrong
CSI - Crime Scene Investigates - wrong
BT - Big Tamale - wrong
ELF - Elfs Like Figs - Wrong
ACBC - Alternating Current Birect Current - wrong
JS - Jolly Slappers - wrong
DB - Dim Bulb - wrong
DHL - Delicate Handling ? lol - wrong
TAG - The Almighty Gravy - wrong
SAP - Slow And Peculiar - wrong

I have discovered I don't know acronyms. :thankyou:
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