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We we finally found out who got who in the group stages of the champions league 2012-13. The road to Wembley starts here!

The Groups are:

Dynamo Kiev
FC Porto

Schlake 04

AC Milan
Zenit St Petersburg

Borussia Dortmund
Manchester City
Real Madrid

Shaktar Donetsk
FC Nordsjaelland

BATE Borisov
Bayern Munich

Spartak Moscow

Man U

So those are the groups and what a group of champions group D is :). I'll be cheering all the English sides on and Celtic aswell. Can't wait for this to get going hope you all enjoy this competition as much as me. Can't wait to see how sides cope travelling to eastern Europe in the middle of November.
Hmmmm... Man U and Arsenal will be happy, Chelski and Citeh won't, and ITV will always show Man United.


A: Porto, Dynamo Kiev, Qatar Dream XI (Paris), Dinamo Zagreb
Porto tends to be the club everyone wants to get in Pot 1, and thus the celebrations can begin for two Eastern European dynamos. Of course, if the Qatar Dream XI (Paris) were to pick up any semblance of form, they could probably stuff anyone in this group, but they can't beat Ligue 1 sides currently so its not time to get carried away. Porto and QDXI(P)​
B: Arsenal University, Schalke 04, Olympiakos, Montpellier
Having left a well-payed job at Montpellier to take up a course at Arsenal University, Olivier Giroud has a chance to show his old employers what he is worth. With Alex Song and Robin Van Persie the latest graduates (2:1 BSc Defensive Passing, First BA Goal-Poaching) from University, they look weakened, but frankly this group is like every other group they've faced. Arsenal University and Schalke, I think.​
C: Meeelan, Zenit, Anderlecht, Malaga
You've got to suspect Meeelan are the favourites amongst this little lot, even though they've sold their best players. Then again Malaga also have sold their best players. Anderlecht looked OK in the Little League last year, but this isn't the strongest of groups that the Champions' League has ever thrown up. Meeelan and Zenit or Malaga.​
D: Mourinho, Ronaldo & Co., Al-Citeh, Ajax, Borussia Dortmund
The Pot 4 stinger was always going to be Dortmund, which leaves Al-Citeh in the pickle that their usual form would lead to another Group of Death death. Mourinho, Ronaldo & Co. would have liked something a little easier, but they should be good enough. The only way this group could get tougher is if Ajax bring back clones of Cruyff & Co.. MR&C and probably Dortmund, knowing Al-Citeh.​
E: Chelski, Shakhtar Donetsk, Torino Mafia, Nordsjaelland
Well, Nordsjaelland are probably going to get stuffed. The Torino Mafia are back in the Champions League, and on the Big Wheel of Scandal they are on match-fixing, with their boss banned for the season. If Chelski defend this title it would defeat all known laws of science, so scientists are really hoping that won't happen. Donetsk have a very good home record. Chelski and ... Donetsk.​
F: Bayern, Tercera, Lille, BATE
Guess where Tercera finished in last year's Champions League group? Lille seem to have a lot less hazard about them than they used to, and don't seem to do well in this competition. One thing we can be sure of is that the tractor making factory team from Belarus will not go through. Bayern and Tercera.​
G: Possessió, Benfica, Spartak, Glasg O'Celtic
A bit of a weak group for the Kings of the World, Possessió, to get into this time, so with 143% ball possession they will stroll through. The one-on-one individual duel between Leo Messi and Georgios Samaras is likely to be mouthwatering. If you're Messi. Spartak will be on a plastic pitch, which will be moaned about by everyone else. Possessió and Benfica.​
H: The Evil Empire of Salford, That Club With That Quarry-Ended Stadium, Hellatasaray, CFR Cluj
Considering the Evil Empire of Salford managed to stuff up a group containing Benfica, Basil Fawlty and some Romanian ice-cream makers last year, UEFA thought it fair to give them another crack at an easy-ish group. Sure That Club With That Quarry-Ended Stadium and Hellatasaray will be awkward, but they've got another group of Romanian numpties to dispose of and should get through. Evil Empire, That Club With That Quarry-Ended Stadium.​
Yeah big game on tomorrow :), can't wait to see Tevez, Silva and Nasri go up against the likes of Pepe, Ramos, Alonso, Ronny and Ozil. Should be a cracking game, if City can stop Alonso playing his game then they've got a chance.
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