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I thought I'd create a repository for technical know-how and queries, mainly because although I like tech I'm really more arty than sciency and I need a place for all my questions to be answered! I know there are some members with a GCSE or two, so maybe we can pool our mental capacity.
I'm toying with the idea of expanding my astronomical knowledge by buying a telescope but I don't know where to start; reflect or refract? Size? Cost?
Any tips will be gratefully received, I don't want to spend money on the wrong thing or something that stays in the house rather than getting used.
Coincidentally I have just been researching how to build a telescope - since I can't afford to buy one to suit my purposes. From what I've read thus far a reflector telescope appears to be the best option for astronomical observation. Most of the websites I visited were about designing and building 'scopes but this site was interesting and has some good info' about what to think about before you decide to buy something off the shelf:
"How to field strip and clean a Glock, by Ashley"

Funny that, until I saw Ashley I never thought that would come in handy - boy, how wrong was I ...
Julia explains the changing of a car battery particularly well.
But I still had to watch it a few times.
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