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So as we’re half way through the season (just about) I thought I’d do a little maths to show team mate comparisons on the only stat that matters at the end of the day which is championship points

If we assume every team has a lead driver the team should measure how successful their number 2 is on how near the mark points wise they are to the number 1. Judging it on a percentage cuts out the car performance factor as both have the same machinery.

Stats like this should measure up whether the pair of them are in a back end car or front of the grid and logically you should be able to say that the stat would roughly stay the same if the same pairing had better machinery. So theoretically it should show a team whether that have the right pairing to challenge for a constructors title if they had the car.

The stats are as follows:

Webber has scored 59.2% of the points Vettel has

Massa has scored 46.3% of the points Alonso has

Rosberg has scored 84.8% of the points Hamilton has

Grosjean has scored 35.3% of the points Raikkonen has

Sutil has scored 56% of the points Di Resta has

Perez has scored 48.4% of the points Button has

Ricciardo has scored 84.6% of the points Vergne has

Gutierrez has scored 0% of the points Hulkenberg has.

So whilst clearly Rosberg and Ricciardo are pretty much the match for their team-mates this year what was very much a surprise to me is that Webber leads the way for the real number 2’s whilst Massa and Perez who have been talked about as matching their team mates have less than 50% of their points.

Gorsjean really needs to keep up German GP form or he’s on the verge of an exit and I imagine Sutil will be exceptionally disappointed at being so soundly beaten so far.

I don’t think I need to comment on Guiterrez.
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