MotoGP Round 1 Moto Gp to be run tomorrow (Monday)!


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Calling All Moto Gp fans!
If you do not know yet Moto GP will be run tomorrow (Monday).
How the heck they have pulled pulled it off is beyond me but it appears, good weather allowing, that they have, The scedule is has the same has sundays postponed/cancelled/abaonded race Sunday:

Monday, 13 April 2009
MotoGP Warm Up 18:00 - 18:20
MotoGP Race 21:00
Local Time Zone: GMT +3 hours

keep your eyes out For TV coverage on the BBC because i don't have a clue where (even if it is) it will be shown. most proberly just through that little red button on the remote.
Looks like it's on the red button on BBC but live on Eurosport 2 at 6.45! Brilliant, proper commentators not that half-wit 'he's carrying a lot of speed into the corner' Aussie....
Don't let this race put anyone off watching Moto GP, it was possibly one of the most boring in 4 or 5 years. The problem is it's a boring, made for TV circuit, the bikes were running for the first time on control Bridgestone tyres which weren't ideal for a washed clean track and none of the bikes were set up for the conditions which were completely different from the days preceding.
If you're not convinced, try and find a video of Laguna Seca last year to see what real gloves off, non-steward interfered racing looks like.
I agree with verista,
Qatar does tend to be a boring track not much happened there last season either but the rest of the season was good. Losail is a boring Track that features little overtaking places for even Bikes, If lets say the F1 ran there we all would of been asleep from lap 5. The Moto GP season really starts now! you can trust me on that ;)
Don't worry guys, it won't put me off.
I've been watching MotoGP long enough to know that wasn't the usual fare.

Hopefully this will be the F1 equivalent of Valencia and there won't be too many more like it this season.
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