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Post your Ronspeak equivalents of phrases, sayings, figures of speech, etc.

It is similar in all respects to attempting to locate a small pointed implement used for joining, fastening or repairing by making stitches utilising long thin strands of fibres, which has somehow become situated within a large pile of grass which has been mown and dried for use as animal fodder.
Recent studies have shown that it may be possible to equate the level of a number of events that could be conceived as having a detrimental effect on the individual or organisation to the ammount of detectable precipitation. It would seem that in this context the level we may define as average rarely occurs and infact on a pro-rata basis the actual level of relationship between negaitve action and precipitation is considerable.
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As a manager, one must understand that, while you may be able to facilitate all aspects of an equines transportation and safe delivery to areas of hydrogen dioxide distribution, it is not always possible to facilitate the correct levels of rehydration.
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The minnions who carry out the day to day operational employment tasks at the technological imagination development centre have often enquired of me how I become aware of the precise moment when key performance targets centred on the current work unit have been relatively achieved. I respond by telling them that the precise moment of cathartic realisation will not be reached, thus designating a conclusion, until a female of an obese stature exercises her vocal chords thus producing a series of harmonic resonences equating to notes on a musical scale.
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cider_and_toast I just ran that sentence through a complex sentence generator and the only word it changed was "Obese" the word it replaced it with was "Corpulent".

I authentically googled intricate sentence engenderers to optically discern if they genuinely subsisted. To my surprise they do. Afore inditing my replication to the thread I have genuinely ran it through the verbalized CSG and this text is the result.
Real Ronspeak:
"You don't expect to be at the top of the mountain the day you start climbing," insisted Dennis. "It takes time and you also have to prepare well. We are very much preparing for the climb, and it's going to be a challenging climb but it's a climb that both Honda and McLaren have made several times together.

As reported in PitPass.
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