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for elderly people who know F1 the name ronnie peterson might ring a bell. ronnie was one of the true greats of F1 racing in the seventies and met a pretty gruesome and pointless end.

in his hometown a ronnie peterson museum was set up. but unfortunately had to close. but our friends at pitpass have put a ronnie peterson gallery in this article. some great memories there. and also bewilderment how those guys could drive those wild machines! cos boy, did they look outlandish.


the article ... t_id=39540

the gallery ... al_id=1056
Such a sad loss, how come Finns can drive and Swedes don't seem to be able to rise to the top, I livd in Sweden for a while and they are excellent drivers on and off road
It may be that the answer is in the article - Is it the case that Sweden doesn't invest in motorsport as a whole, and so there is no real infrastructure, support and/or incentive to progress?

The only Swedes I can remember over the last 25 years are Stefan Johansson, Kenny Brack and Rickard Rydell. All 3 did well at F3 level, but little in F1 (Acknowledging success for Kenny Brack in IRL/CART, Rickard Rydell in touring cars)

Success also tends to breed success, so when Keke Rosberg won that brought opportunities for the 2 Mikas, and Mika Hakkinen winning helped Kimi. In the space of 6 weeks in 1978 Sweden lost Gunnar Nilsson and Ronnie, so maybe that hurt them a little, and as a nation the Swedes have turned away from F1?
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