RIP Andrea de Cesaris

Bad day all round, no age to go but he got to drive and F1 car for many season. Lucky man.
Andrea leading at Long Beach in 1982

RIP Andrea.

Over the past 20 years or so it seems as though dreadful tragic news have had a nasty habit of coming in pairs...
F1 is dangerous and motorcycles are ****ing dangerous but I love them even if one did try to kill me once, if it were not for my eye problems I would still be riding one now, regardless of the danger, I have lost a good few friends and one brother in law to motorcycles but such is life, it never put me off riding them..
Jeez the world sucks at the moment doesn't it?

Always had a lot of fun at De Cesaris expense but always used to cheer him on. I seem to remember him looking like winning a crazy 1991 Belgium Grand Prix before his engine blew up. Was certainly out my chair cheering him on then.

I think he is a driver who certainly put his name on the sport and is well known by fans and old and new. We will not see his like again.

What a sad, sad day yesterday was.
No age to go , his family & friends must be so shocked, my thoughts go to them.

Thank you for keeping us on the dge of our seats Adrea - RIP.
RIP Andrea

The driver that somehow always managed to come back the next season to many people's surprise. He somehow managed to score points here and there with lesser teams, including a podium with Scuderia Italia in the 89 Canadian GP. As opposite to many drivers, he found himself driving better towards the end of his career and with the 91' Jordan he consistently got home safe and in the point's zone. Michael Schumacher's first team mate who found inspiration in the rookie and had nothing but good things to say about him.
RIP Andrea.

Your drive for Jordan was great. Eddie Jordan owed you a great deal for helping to get his F1 dream off the ground.
I found it mildly annoying when people were comparing him to Maldonado.

Andrea's reputation as being accident-prone was toally exaggerated and probably forever influenced by his inaugural 1981 full season and THAT crash in Austria in1985, but he certainly did not crash anything like as often as has been portrayed.

And the major difference with Pastor of course was the fact that Andrea's actual turn of pace was never in question, and that he fequently put his invariably average cars into higher positions than they deserved.
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