Recycled Human Waste


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Yes it's a grim subject but a machine has been developed that can turn shit into water. Not only does it produce clean filtrated water but it also generates it's own electricity and the left over product can be used to fertilise crops.
Fascinating but disgusting technology which could be a real game changer in developing countries.
Shit is no more disgusting than the people who produce it and I am glad to see that it can be put to good use. Whilst there are humans there will be shit and, as a consequence, water, electricity and fertiliser - a result as far as I can see.
The amount of potential material produced by the farming industry should make up for the short fall of what is not able to be produced by humans.
Does the stuff have to be of a certain quality? :unsure:

I only ask, because I'm always told that anything I produce is not worth shit... :ermmm:

EDIT: everything to anything
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I can't see a lot of sparkling turd water selling down my local supermarket, the marketing will have to be something pretty special to make me change from Buxton Spring....
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