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Another movie great has passed away at the age of 83. Maximilian Schell appeared in countless films I enjoyed over the years - The Odessa File, The Man in the Glass booth, Vampires (John Carpenter 1998),Judgement at Nuremberg, Krakatoa East of Java, Cross of Iron, to name but a few. He had a great innings and leaves a tremendous volume of work so thanks Maximilian and may you rest in peace.
Cross of Iron is one of my favourite movies, it's a shame he has passed but he was able to do some good acting over many years.
To be honest I had to look up who he was, he has been in a great many films most of which I've never seen but some of them I have and can remember him in them, so as a tribute I shall simply list his filmography and you can judge for yourselves..
  1. Kinder, Mütter und ein General
  2. The Last Ones Shall Be First
  3. The Young Lions
  4. Judgment at Nuremberg
  5. Five Finger Exercise
  6. The Reluctant Saint
  7. The Condemned of Altona
  8. Topkapi
  9. Return from the Ashes
  10. The Deadly Affair
  11. The Castle
  12. Counterpoint
  13. Heidi
  14. Simón Bolívar
  15. Krakatoa, East of Java
  16. Erste Liebe
  17. Pope Joan
  18. The Pedestrian
  19. The Odessa File
  20. The Day That Shook the World
  21. Der Richter und sein Henker
  22. The Man in the Glass Booth
  23. Cross of Iron
  24. Julia
  25. A Bridge Too Far
  26. Avalanche Express
  27. The Black Hole
  28. Together?
  29. The Diary of Anne Frank
  30. The Chosen
  31. The Phantom of the Opera
  32. Man Under Suspicion
  33. The Assisi Underground
  34. Peter the Grea
  35. The Rosegarden
  36. The Freshman
  37. Young Catherine
  38. Stalin
  39. Candles in the Dark
  40. Justice
  41. A Far Off Place
  42. Abraham
  43. Little Odessa
  44. The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years
  45. The Eighteenth Angel
  46. Left Luggage
  47. Vampires
  48. Deep Impact
  49. Joan of Arc
  50. I Love You, Baby
  51. Coast to Coast
  52. The House of Sleeping Beauties
  53. The Shell Seekers
  54. The Brothers Bloom
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