R.I.P Jade Rabbit


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China's lunar rover, Jade Rabbit, has been declared dead on the surface of The Moon. The Moon is the big round thing that Snowy, among others, takes lovely photographs of and hopefully his new kit will enable him to share even more spectacular views. Meanwhile, Jade Rabbit, which is in fact an artificial life-form otherwise known as a robot, has died all alone on the lunar dust. A sad end to a heroic adventure for a 'bot. C'est la vie.


Wait! Wait! China's state news agency is reporting that it is all a big mistake and that Jade Rabbit is waking up! Woohoo!

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To be fair the european space agency hasn't always been much better at telling it straight.
Remember Beagle? Remember those weeks of false hope despite the obvious fact the thing never even gave any sign of life on landing, or whether it even ever landed at all?
OK, so Mars is a tad further way but still...
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