Queensferry Crossing, HMS Queen Elizabeth and all things Royal Navy

Ark Royal on her final voyage, December 2010.

Not exactly RN but this is USS Arizona on the East River in New York near the Brooklyn Bridge on the way to sea trials. in 1918.

Believe it or not, it only took just over a year to build:
The construction of the USS ARIZONA (BB39), named for the 48th state in the Union, began on March 16, 1914, when the keel was laid. After a year of intense labor, it was launched on June 19, 1915,


And this is it today.


This is USS Bennington sailing past it.

We went there on our honeymoon in 2009.

They call the oil on the surface of the water "Arizona's tears". They couldn't drain all of the fuel and oil from the tanks deep inside her remains so the fuel still drips out and rises to the surface.
Hermes on her return from the Falklands.


Top right is TS Foudroyant, which has now been rebuilt up in Hartlepool and given back her original name of HMS Trincomalee. She looks a little better these days. In fact, given the state of the Royal Navy these days, is down to make a tour of the Red Sea later this year to fight the Houthi.

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