Qualification World Championship 2008


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I've done a Qualification World Championship for 2009 which has been more exciting than the real Championship! So, now a look at last year's Championship.

I've tried to restore drivers to where they actually qualified, which was no mean feat. I hope you can actually read it, but its interesting that Hamilton still only won the QWDC by 5 points whilst Ferrari only won the QWCC title by a point.

Toro Rosso scored more than half its points in Monza and the only driver to score in every race was Kovalainen! Make of it what you will!

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Have you got a bigger image tby?

Interesting that Heikki scored in every race and was 4th but in reality finished 7th in the WDC.
Email it to me chap and I can upload it directly to the server.

There's a 2MB file size limit on attachments though so you shouldn't have too many problems posting a .jpg file.
With regards to physical size (pixels), the software automatically resizes anything over 800px wide, whether it's an attachment or link to an external image.
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