My British GP weekend in brief (including photos).


This cost me a tenner, but so L'Oreal.
Well, Friday was very frustrating. Very cold and very wet. I can't help but feel a little short changed for that - especially as it was the first time my girlfriend has ever been to any kind of motor sport event. The cold and wet weather quite literally put a dampener on everything, including her mood!

I know there's no way to force teams to come out and practice but isn't the F1 weekend (bearing in mind the ticket cost for the three days) supposed to be entertaining?

Saturday and Sunday with my father proved much more rewarding and the atmosphere was fantastic in the Becketts grandstand on race day.

The Renaults certainly sound different to all the other cars and the Ferrari has a particularly sweet note, the rest sound virtually the same with the Cosworth engines resonating a slightly more ‘trumpety’ tone.

The Redbulls once again didn’t need to lift through Abbey (whereas everyone else did) and the McLarens once again looked like they were on the very edge of the adhesion that Jenson and Lewis could get out of them.

It must be so nice to drive that Redbull compared to everything else is all I’ll say after seeing them in the flesh again this year.

I sat at Becketts for the race and rather enjoyed watching a Sauber spinning right in front of my eyes on the way to the grid – we were all most amused!

Anyways – it was very hard keeping up with all the politics this weekend whilst actually attending the event. I understand there were all sorts of things going backwards and forwards with the EBD’s but I’m not sure what was finally run in the race and what the ruling for the future is. A quick round up from someone in this thread would be most appreciated.

As usual I took my camera and was snapping away like a madman for quite a bit of the time.

Please take a look at my pictures and let me know what you think.
Brilliant pics - especially like the one's of Schumi and Jenson with spray at the back.

top work fella
Thanks for the comments folks. Bro - had a read of the thread and generally caught up on things now. What a saga indeed! :givemestrength:
Great pics, especially the Schumacher one in the spray! You can really see the airflow on that. Any chance of posting a high res version that we can take a closer look?
Is this any better Jez? The original is about 5000 pixels wide but CTA scales it down on upload.


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Thanks P. It is fascinating how well sealed the sides are underneath the car, with virtually no leakage. All the air is literally sucked through and spat out the back of the car. The other bit I saw was the spray between the front wheels and front wing which is quite interesting too.
Now that you've mentioned that (spray between the front wing and wheels) I can only assume that the wing is generating so much turbulence/pressure that it's literally blasting the water from the surface of the tarmac towards the front wheels in that very small space. Nice observation!
Great pictures! Makes me wish I had any amount of proper zoom on my camera - it does a bit then goes digital (yuk), so no close ups in my pictures LOL.

The cleaning truck with the McLaren flag was funny, especially when the safety car came round and he hid the flag for a bit.
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