Yes, modern technology is fantastic but when it starts to interfere with close racing i wonder, if in this era do we really need it? Having watched F1 for more years than i can remember (old age is creeping in) every race i watch now leaves me irritated/frustrated and somewhat annoyed. What has happened to slipstreaming a car dive out and hit the brakes at the last minute (keeping out of the kitty litter), many moons ago this was standard practise ie.(using steel discs) but sadly modern technology has removed all of driver skills. Comparing F1 and IRL after many sleepless nights i have come to the conclusion i prefer IRL to F1, only due to the fact that Indy cars actually pass each other. Have a look and you will see what i mean. COME ON FIA BRING BACK REAL RACING
Thankfully GP2 still features some of the attributes you mention, as does BTCC, although admitedly slip-streaming isn't one of its strong points.

Of late it does seem that as soon as a driver has built up a reasonable gap, there's no catching them unless the SC is deployed or they make a mistake.

Hopefully the rule changes next year on aero and tyres will take us back to something resembling hard racing and overtaking.
I for one look forward to once more watching the car behind rapidly catch up and then sling-shotting past.

Either that or install sprinklers at the circuits - water always seems to inject an element of excitement

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CHEERS BROGAN. Last time i watched BTCC cor blimey, frank sytner ,steve soper and andy rouse were still racing with the ultimate tin tops rs500s . I am looking forward to the 2009 season with eager anticipation, so hopefully i wont be let down. I've been watching NASCAR this year and i'm hooked. Fantastic to have a contact sport and actually get away with it. MONTOYA fits in perfectly well here :snigger:
That's what's so great about BTCC - there's always loads of bumping and shoving and last weekend was no exception.

Make sure you check out the Calendar for all the upcoming events.
Feel free to add your own NASCAR ones if you like.
I think nascar has 38 races this season if your feeling upto watching every race. One or two of the drivers are competing in nascar and IRL . Superb action, awsome crashes,nailbiting finishes a driver can be in 6th or 7th place and somehow win the race. Nose to tail at 190mph, if one car spins it's game over for all behind you
I watch it when I can but with all the other motorsport and everything else to do, there just aren't enough hours in the day

Hopefully now this place is almost configured and set up I should have more time for vegging on the sofa lol
You can never have enough motorsport. i'm lucky enough to be married to someone mad on motorsport as i am. When the WRC was at it's best, i was fortunate enough to watch all the greatest rally drivers. Having watched HANNU MIKKOLA, ARI VATTINEN, STIG BLOMQUIST, JUHA KANKHUNEN on DRUMMOND HILL during the scottish leg of the british rally. I have never seen an AUDI get of the line so fast in all of my life (apart from AUDI S1.) :cheer: :1st: . There is only 1 make of rally car for me FORD ESCORT MARK 1+2( all models). Take a look at ARI driving the wheels off of an xpack RS2000 (manx rally 1975-1978 i think) this is driving flat out at it's best.. :ok:
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