McLaren to invest £100 Million


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According to an article in today's times - McLaren are prepared to invest £100 million on Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button to extend their contracts to 2017 - I would link to the article but it's behind the paywall.

They must be quite confident to build their team that far ahead.
Does Button have 6 more competitive years left in him?

I doubt it, he be around 37-38 then and with Schumi being 41/42 and being dreadfully slow I think McLaren ought to hold off on such an offer. And if I were Hamilton I'd be wanting more than to share £100m with JB over 6 years...
It seems as if Mclaren are reacting to the Hamilton to Red Bull rumors really which really isn't that professional
I don't think it is particularly wise to commit to Button for 5 years, but would love to see it. I guess Hamilton is a no-brainer being young and probably the best driver they could get into their car.
Sounds like a good thing to me. Not sure Lewis will go for it though as he seems to be getting more and more frustrated, maybe thats just with himself as he wrecked another set of tyres in one lap during practice, whereas Jenson didn't, but got held up on his next lap..

Lewis needs to learn how to get the tyres to survive and soon otherwise Jenson will beat him every race..
Hard to know what to believe these days.

This could just be another non-story made up be the McLaren, Button or Hamilton publicists (or all three jointly), just to test the water.

There's no doubt that Button and Hamilton seem to make a good team, each regularly scoring decent points.
Five years is a long time in F1 though so it would be a major commitment for all three parties.

Lewis needs to learn how to get the tyres to survive and soon otherwise Jenson will beat him every race..
I'm fairly sure a lot of people were saying the same thing at the start of last season.
Yeah Brogan. I have to agree that Lewis and Jenson are an outstanding partnership. This is mainly due to their contrasting strengths. You can rely on one of them being good at a circuit at least.

P.S. When did you get promoted to "Miserable moaning git"? Does that happen when you hit 5,000 grumpy messages? :p
I can't see Hamilton going for this deal.Not unless there are some very specific performance clauses which gives him an out.
Button, probably be of interest to him at this stage of his career.
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