Maybe TalkTalk should talk to their customers

They lost all my emails which were not in the Inbox. When I phoned up the first question the half-wit asked was what version of Windows was I running; he became totally confused when I replied that it was X11R6, finally I put him out of his misery by saying XP. He was obviously reading his script which unfortunately did not have any reference to the fact that the emails were on his server.

I shall not dwell on the slowness at fixed times every day, not even the speed checker finished despite leaving it running for half an hour.

I would like to say something nice about them but I can't think of anything which is not nasty.
You should try talking to any of these call centres if you have a Mac. I once connected mine to the BT hub so they could change some of the hub settings and and the bloke on the phone didn't have a ****ing clue.
When I worked for Tektronix Apple opened their office in Eire. The first order they sent out to Tek their Order Processing Department (or Order Prevention Dept as they were generally known) sent a Pro Forma invoice (one that needs paying before the goods can be delivered). Not unnaturally Apple said sod off, we do not want to deal with you. When the sales manager found out he stormed into the OPD whose manager confessed to never having heard of Apple. The sales manager told him that they were the IBM of desktop computers to which he got the query "who are IBM?".

Not bad for a high tech electronics company who supplied equipment to most of the computer industry, including IBM..
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