Master Automotive Illustrator - Yoshihiro Inomoto


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Whilst trawling the net I came across this site.

It has some of the most amazing line drawings I have ever seen.

Yoshihiro Inomoto was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on April 29th, 1932. As a young man, Yoshihiro developed an interest in the aesthetics of automobiles, inspired by the illustration work of Herbert Schlenzig, Walter Gotschke, Max Miller, and Peter Helck.

This led to a fascination with the mechanical workings and technological development of automobiles. Yoshihiro left school during his third year of Junior High and began teaching himself to draw as well as taking a variety of correspondence courses in illustration and design.

As an example, here's his artwork of a 1937 Mercedes Benz W125 Grand Prix Racer.

Well worth a look.
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