Mars Clouted by Asteroid


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A nugget from New Scientist a few days ago reveals a previously unnoticed asteroid impact that occurred sometime between July 2010 and May 2012. Filtering out red from the spectrum of an image of the impact crater has revealed material with blue hue, so could that be evidence of ice from beneath the surface? Another question the event raises is with regard to how many other recent events so close to home (in astronomical terms) have gone unnoticed. I wonder if it's time to get a hard hat to go with my snorkel.

Mars usually gets hit several times a year. Because of its lack of atmosphere, space rocks don't burn up they way the do at Earth.

I believe that the "blue bloom" means that the ejecta from the crater has a bluish color.
As for this theory that the blue represents water or ice I for one have never seen blue water I've seen water that appears blue but that doesn't mean that it is blue, water as far as I'm aware is colourless so lets look at the ice theory, the only blue ice I've ever heard of is the stuff that gets dumped out of airplanes and is a mixture of chemicals and human excrement this leads me to believe that a massive block of the stuff was ejected from the ISS and was somehow knocked out of earths orbit which found its way to Mars crashing into the surface and covering a significant portion of the planet in human shit...

And thus we have accidentally seeded Mars with life from earth....
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I love your logic. It's a shame that the blue ice from aircraft is just a myth otherwise your theory is pretty plausible. Imagine the life that our shit would produce?

What if the Earth was actually a giant space monsters bowel movement? All the necessary proteins and amino acids in that primordial ooze could have just been digestive fluid.
It's true though! A friend of mine many moons ago had a very weird experience during the time she was a market-stall holder in Camden. She was in the middle of selling some frocks when her prospective customer suddenly find herself splattered with excrement after what sounded like bangers going off. There is nothing overhead in that section of Camden Lock.
That was a bloody freaky thing to happen. Rooted to the spot in astonishment, she was.
Ah, well, some days you're the pigeon, and some days you are a ludicrously gigantic lump of rock, squirting blue shit into space.

Have I mixed that up?
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