Jaguar hybrid.


Sidecar racers have the biggest cojones
Wonder if it will have the Williams flywheel system Jaguar has unveiled plans to build a £700,000 petrol-electric hybrid supercar in the UK.
It will build 250 cars in partnership with Formula 1 team Williams F1.
The C-X75's ultra-light chassis and two electric engines will help it accelerate from nought to 60mph in three seconds.
It will have an all-electric range of 50km and its overall emissions of less than 100g CO2 per kilometre will be one of the lowest in the industry.
It will have a top speed of more than 200mph.
Very pleased that Jaguar have a brand director called Adrian Hallmark!

This all reminds me very strongly of the XJ220 - anyone else? I very much hope it works out better than that did, though.
The XJ220 was an excellent car, built during a crisis, using a Williams engine. What similarity?:whistle:

I hope they make a good go of it. The XJ220 was one of my all time favourite cars.
Funny as I never really liked the XJ220.
I always thought of it as a big old wallowing boat, no idea why really.

This new one looks quite tasty though - quite Aston Martin like in that 3/4 side profile shot.
I loved the XJ220, why can't they just re-create itt with modern engineering?

As for the new one it looks a bit like an Elise from the side and the nose is far too small for a Jag.
It would appear from this that the new Jaguar might well be fitted with the Williams flywheel KERS system Among its many development programmes with Porsche and other clients, WHP is also part of a consortium working together with companies such as Ricardo and Jaguar Land Rover who are seeking to develop hybrid flywheel applications at sufficiently low cost to facilitate mass uptake in the road car market. The purpose of the project is to refine technologies that can provide a considerable reduction in emissions from road cars.

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