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I'd argue it's the toughest bike race in the world, with the Dakar coming a very close second.

Anyhoo, it starts next week and I was meant to be going but present circumstances have curtailed that, so I shall be firmly glued to the TV next week hoping for Guy Martin to finally win one!

If you haven't seen the film "Closer to the Edge" I would recommend it :)

TT race preview ITV4 Freeview channel 24...
tomorrow Fri 1/6/12... 8.30 am & 9pm Highlights, looks like there is coverage on this channel for the duration of TT week.
ITV4 do a good job of TT week, it's a seriously indulgent motorcycling event, not least due to the commitment of the participants. Bear on mind that many of the participants are in a season of road racing events, these are not circuit racing wannabes, they are PROPER racers, at the top of their craft.
ITV4 Freeview Ch 24
Starting now 9pm, The big 1000cc Superbikes get race week going at the historic Isle of Man TT Races.John McGuinness on the Honda is favourite to retain his crown
Well that's 18 minutes blown away on crap they could have shown us in a pre-race show. Coverage like last year then. Half an hour pre and post race presenteritis and twenty minute race highlights. Expect a commentary paced up as if it's a short circuit sprint and total lack of TT atmosphere and tension. Blipvert fans will be happy. Bikers with an appreciation of what the TT actually is will not.:(We pay our subscriptions and TV license fees too.
Yes, it's on ITV plaayer. Shame that the race coverage is only about quarter of the programme, mind you the interview with Guy Martin is worth watching.
Am I the only person watching this year?

There has been some great racing, it started on Saturday with Michael Dunlop having an easy win in the Superbike race, nice to see Guy Martin in second with Conor Cummins third. Then the first sidecar race won by Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott followed by John Holden/ Andrew Winkle and Tim Reeves/Gregory Cluze. Sidecar passengers mut be either to most stupid or the bravest people on the planet, hanging out with your head well out from the sidecar whilst the driver tries to get as close as possible to apex scares me to death just watching.

Monday was SuperSport Race 1 with Gary Johnson scraping ahead of Bruce Anstey by 1.502 seconds with Michael Dunlop in third. During the second half of the race there was some dampness around the mountain, Michael Dunlop had been passed by Johnson who knew just how brilliant Michael is in dampish conditions; Johnso tried to get Dunlop to overtake him to no avail as Dunlop thought it would be unfair to give one competitor an advantage due to his actions.

Tuesday was the Superstock with Michael Dunlop winning by a clear 20 seconds from Dean Harrison, Bruce Anstey being over 23 seconds further adrift. Gary Johnson came off, fracturing his shoulder (I think).

The second Sidecar Race which was scheduled for today was postponed until tomorrow due to bad weather, there were other events going on but I haven't watched the recording I made from ITV 4 which has stopped me looking anything up.
I was astounded to see BMW win a TT, couldn't believe my eyes. Great ride from Dunlop in the Superbikes and I thought Anstey's last lap was terrific. Only watched the Superbikes so far.
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