IOM TT 2011

Sad state of affairs and my condolences go out to all the families and in no way do I mean to sound flippant or crass but the TT is one hell of a dangerous race, there is no way it can be altered to make it any safer.

For our foreign friends that have no idea what the TT is

It's this: No armco, stone walls and houses in the way on public roads.

I knew both Bill and Kev. Knew them for nigh on 45 years, and even raced against Bill in the 1969 TT he was third in that year.
I had a feeling you might know them sportsman, based on your involvement with sidecar racing.

My condolences to all.
Every year the TT seems to take the life of a dedicated racer, but having spoken to many involved, they accept the risks and wouldn't want the race cancelled or sterilised.

It say's so much about the heart and mind of these racers and speaks volumes of the event itself.

A tragic loss and my sincerest sympathies go out to all affected by this loss.
I add my sympathies to those above, my stepbrother broke his back at Pembrey piloting an outfit a few years back - In a way I'm glad this forced his retirement from competition.

Moving us on from tragedy, Superbike TT was a good battle, I'm a follower of "fans' favourite" Guy Martin but it was clear that John McGuiness is almost peerless. Any tips out there for the other races?
Watched an hour of IOM TT on ITV 4 last night. Wonderful, heart in mouth, edge of seat stuff!

Minimal Hype and Hoop-la - just RACING. The way any Motorsport should be.

F1? Hmmmm...?
Just had another fix of IOM TT racing on ITV4. Amazing, scary stuff. No room for error whatsoever. 170mph through a village! Unbelievable!

How about an Isle of Man GRAND PRIX? Can you imagine F1 cars on that circuit? Whoo-hoo!

(It's nice to dream...)

I wasn't going to post any more items on he IOM because most people won't get to see it until pre-recorded coverage and not wanting to spoil the show by spilling the beans. However, I think it's reasonable to pay respects as my thoughts go out to the friends and family of Derek Brien.

Good racing today but another rider lost already this year. The good weather may be lulling riders into a false sense of security, pehaps. I just hope we don't have any more otherwise there may be IOM records broken that we really don't want to see.

Again, my condolences to Derek's family and friends.

Agreed Fenderman. Sincere condolences to those who knew Derek, Bill and Kev.

I cannot think of a more dangerous sport and I would like to wish all competitors a successful, safe, week.

As I've stated before, I am totally in awe of their skill and bravery.
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