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As the winner of the 1st Caption Comp, cider_and_toast, has requested that some-one post the next pic in his stead, I found this pic and I hope that it meets cider's approval. :)


Is it just me, or does it look like Ross is not impressed?

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Image found at
From the 'other' site were these two posts...

by markxero on Sun Jul 20 2008 21:19

Flav: 'So I mimed squeezing her neck like this, and that's how I won the part of Bill Sikes in FOMs production of Oliver.'

Ross: 'You git Flav - I wanted that part.'


by Andrea_Moda_Rules on Mon Jul 21 2008 22:01

Flav: awwww! Rossy who is beutiful young lady you was just talking to, i want to bury my head in those lovley jublies and go brbrbrbrbrrr!

Ross: THATS my daughter!
Flav: "I spoke to BMW. KERS isn't safe! After touching the car, he awoke to find they were this big!"

Ross: "Oh come on Flav, they were having you on.

His eyes were never that big!"
Sorry for the late update. Please vote for your favourite by Saturday. Winner takes the prize of finding the next piccie...


Well, it looks like I won! Woohoo!

Lets celebrate with a disco...

I shall endeavour to find a new funny picture shoon.

No, I meant soon, but I am partying!
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