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Whatever happened to them?...

One of F1's long-standing traditions used to consist of attributing nicknames to legendary drivers. A tradition which sadly appears to have been lost through the generations. Down the years we have been blessed with the likes of "Il Maestro", "The Rat", "The Professor", "The Flying Finn", "The Flying Scot(s)", "Magic", "El Lole"", "Il Leone" etc...

I think it's about time this tradition be revived. What nicknames would you think most suitable to each of the current drivers, according to whatever factor you consider to be their defining characteristic(s)?

Keep it clean please. This is a PG forum after all.
Well if we're keeping it clean, I can't think of one for Hamilton.

But for the others, here are a few:

Daniel Ricciardo - The smiler

Nico Hulkenburg - Lofty

Pastor Maldonado - Direct Line

Kimi - Horizontal (he's that far laid back)
A few already have one.
Dan Ricciardo - is The Honey Badger.
Kimi - is the Ice Man
Buemi - Mooossseeyyy
Gutierrez - Kermit
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Romain "Super Swimmers" Grosjean.
Adrian "The Flute" Sutil (or Slasher if you prefer)
Lewis "frickin" Hamilton
Nico "Am I really invisible" Hulkenberg
Pastor "What the **** are you doing" Maldonado
Max "mostly anonymous" Chilton
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