How much paint does it take to cover a jet?


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113g if it's nano-paint.

Usually there's more than that on the lid when you open a tin of paint :o

OK, it's not paint as such, it's a coating on the paint but the paint could actually be omitted from the process if you were happy with a bare metal plane.

It looks like the nano-age has arrived.
Watch out for the Replicators....
That is quite astonishing. I recall reading somewhere that Ryanair specify their 737's with special wings to make them more fuel efficient which made me wonder why all 737's aren't fitted with the same wings and what the down sides - perhaps it doesn't fly as well?

The company aren't saying how much it costs to coat each plane, but Ms McCall says "even a 1% saving on our fuel bill and 1% less in our carbon emissions is worth doing".

You have to bet it's less than the cost of fuel they save.
Sorry chaps, according to the clip it's a coating on the paint, not the paint itself. The paint weighs what the paint weighs, this is an additional 113grams.
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