How many cows have died to supply us with £5 notes?

Bill Boddy

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It has come to light that £5 notes have tallow, which is an animal fat, in them. This has enraged many people, one vegan restaurant says that it will no longer accept £5 notes in payments for their meals; I am not an expert in this but seem to remember that if you have a debt and offer legal tender to settle it and the offer is refused then it becomes the responsibility of the person who is owned that debt to collect it.

So just how many cows have died as a result of this?

And what other products use tallow?

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At the height of the BSE crisis I was doing some work with a major soap manufacturer who were using beef tallow in their products. With the ban on all beef exports from the UK they had to move to vegetable tallow instead and got royally stitched up on the price.

This is the most pointless scare story for quite some time. I presume all these vegans don't travel on anything which burns petrol or diesel as, after all, it's decomposed dinosaurs.

Bunch of muppets.
In the Navy we used tallow on the bottom of a lead line when taking depth soundings. When the lead weight hit the seabed what ever was on the bottom stuck to it so that you could tell what type of surface you were droping your anchor on.

I never knew what Tallow was until now. Everyday's a school day.
I've never met a healthy vegan.

It is surprising the number of things with animal products in them.

Some people just take things to far. We have canine teeth for a reason.
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