Honda RA107 close up images

If I had won that then I would also be getting a seperation from the other half as I would have to try and explain why there were bulldozers and tarmac layers all over the gardens of the house to make my own track...
What does he mean by "almost complete"? Does it not have an engine?
Does it still have that irritating whine that always used to develop whenever Rubens & Jenson sat in it? (I believe it went something like: "christ, I can't believe how shit this is to drive compared to the 06 car - let's hope Honda don't pull the plug once they see how hopeless this thing is making us look...") :snigger:
What does he mean by "almost complete"? Does it not have an engine?

Its an RA107... it is actually against the Trade Descriptions Act to describe it as a Formula One car unless you add the "almost complete" moniker.

The whine differed in the different cars actually, it could sound like "the team give me this car, and they're like blah blah blah and I don't want to hear that" if there was an even number on the front, but if there was a 7 painted on it it often sounded quite a lot like "the speed we're going at here the wind isn't even bracing. Nor are we racing. Oh crap, which direction am I facing?"
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