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Anyone a boxing fan? I'm not a great lover of the sport but the match between David Haye & Nikolay Valuev caught my eye, not because I think it will be a great fight but because the publicity photos are so bizarre. Haye looks like he is stood in a hole!


Haye is no dwarf, at 6ft 3, but this other bloke looks like some sort of Bond villain. He is 7ft tall and has a a reach 7 inches longer than Haye. It makes you wonder if they need to have a category above heavy weight in pro-boxing - Super Villain Weight perhaps.

Having borrowed the picture from the BBC I suppose it is only fair to post a link.

FB said:
Having borrowed the picture from the BBC I suppose it is only fair to post a link.
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That guy is scary.
Even if I was a heavyweight boxer I'd be scared, unless I was Rocky :D
Valuev got outboxed by a 45 year old Evander Holyfield in his last fight, Haye wins this one easily, too fast, too many angles.

Haye to stop Valuev in 4.
Hayes going to batter Valuev and outpoint him by a large margin. Goliath may be big but he is slow, has no real boxing skills and just plain rubbish. David is too fast, too good and his punch power is immense so he could even take his opponent out within 6 rounds

Anyway, bring on Vitali Klitschko V Chris Arreola tonight!
Klitschko - Arreola was almost was as much of a beating as Klitschko - Williams a few years back now, and that was painful just to watch! Vitali hasn't really had a decent test since Lennox Lewis.

Hopefully Vitali has retired by the time Haye tries to get a fight with him, I honestly see Haye getting KO'd in that fight.

Haye will cane Wladimir though.

Did you stay up to watch the fight? I never bother with that anymore, if its a fight I really want to watch I try and download a torrent of the fight before I know the result. :goodday:
Na, Williams took a battering and had no chance to win but despite Arreola being outboxed he had his moments during the fight and he did catch Vitali with some clean shots

I was going to watch it but decided not to mess my sleeping pattern up for a boxing match

As regards to Wladimir V Haye... Its a 50/50 fight. Haye could easily land one of his bombs and take him out early but should it go past 6 rounds, Haye would get torn apart and lose by a huge margin on points

PS. Did you read my PM? :goodday:
Yeah I got your PM, everytime I use the 'report this article' I am told to use the 'Complaint tool' to appeal against my ban. However this mythical beast does not appear to exist on their website, how convenient for them. I could create another new account, but it would just be pulled as soon as I am rumbled.

Looks like this could be the end for our 606 hero, this means you must do the job of 2 men in supporting Fernando on 606 next season, I'll be sick if he starts doing well and I'm still banned!
So the David V Goliath fight goes the distance and once again David wins.

For the record it was a majority decision with two judges scoring 116-112 and one judge scoring 114-114. Guess there will now be a rematch.
No, Haye has to fight John Ruiz next then he can fight whoever he wants. I doubt Valuev would beat Haye in the rematch, especially as it would almost certainly be in London.

I think in a British ring that fight would have been scored more 117-111 or even 118-112, Valuev has only kept his title for so long because of a couple of dubious home town decisions. Don King will drop him like a bad habit now he's lost to a marketable fighter.
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